And then it suddenly happens, we’re moving from Best (NL) to Latvia. We have quit our jobs and I said goodbye to all my clients I have been working for the last 10 years as professional photographer. We are moving to our new, – approximately 80 years old – wooden house with 5 hectare of land, mostly forest. Our own forest! A long-held dream comes true.

In Latvian countryside most of the streets have no name, but the houses have. We named our house Zvirbulīši, which means Little Sparrows. For the Dutch readers, Musjes. Our neighbours are the dears, storks and all the other animals who live in the 1.200 hectare state forest behind us. With a lake close by and Gauja National Park next-door. Just 60 km from Riga, 17 km to Sigulda and a half hour drive to the beach. The apples are growing around our house, the greenhouse is waiting for us to plant tomato and cucumbers and the land is ready to crawl under our nails soon.

We are full of plans and idea’s what to do with this wonderful place. But the house renovation has priority now. Simultaneously we will start working on the facilities for a little nature camping. Next year we would like to be able to welcome the first guests to enjoy this awesome place with us.

If you’re interested in our developments or you want to visit us some day, keep an eye on this website.